Dhruva Giti-s: A musical composition in Sanskrit Drama


  • Geetha H. Assistant Professor & Head Department of Sanskrit Government Arts & Science College Calicut 673018 Kerala.


Tauryatrika,Uparūpakas,Dhruvā.Prāveśiki, Prāsadiki,Ākṣepiki,Naiskramiki,Aṅtarā.


Music plays an important part in Sanskrit drama. Indian drama especially classical, can never be conceived without 'tauryatrika', music, dance and instrumental accompaniment. The prologue of a Sanskrit drama reveals that its enactment can never be effective without a sufficient tinge of music. There are certain songs in the uparūpakas in which music plays a dominant factor in the development and denouement of the story. Poeticians beginning with Bharata have dealt with music and drama in detail. There are several texts which describe about music -The Kuttanīmata of Damodaragupta, Malatīmadhava of Bhavabhūti, Vikramōrvaśīya and Śakuntala of Kalidasa, Gītagovinda of Jayadeva. M̮ ṛcchakaṭika of Sudraka, Rāghavavijaya and Maricavadha based on Rāmāyaṇa, Bhoja's work etc. are the ones wherein the references to music warrant a probe since exhaustive and analytical studies on musical patterns in classical drama has not so far come out. The songs in drama are called Dhruvā-gana.


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